Blind Date with Myself!

Recently, paper works stressed me too much I'd almost puke! Literally, so dizzy my tummy gets troubled due to pressure over the deadlines. Waaahhh! If only I could cut my wrist to finish everything Lol! Wtf!

To end the stress away, treated a dinner date -- me and myself. So what? It is nicer to be alone. You must try.

"Don't-Pissed-Me-Off" faced.

I'd take my dinner in May Sum you can find it along Ermita, Manila.
Obviously affordable list.

Hot and spicy soup. Been tried this twice but still can't get enough of it! Slurp!

Kalderetang Kambing (Goat!) 

Tapang Usa (Deer!) It's a must try.

Sorry guys, this time my room mate wasn't here in May Sum Seafood Restaurant. So I have to finish the whole thing! Waahh!

And yeah... I can't finish the whole stuff so I'd take it home.




Goin' home.

Fucker! My shoes was ripped!

Tryin' to fix the shit!

Next time to hit more food trippin'!


I have been trying some internet lines it ends me upsetting.

Guys, have you heard about wi-tribe?

 Oh the thing was very easy to use and AFFORDABLE! Yes, as part of their new released promo you can have it in an hour of application. They have booths everywhere and I got my own wi-tribe bought in Quiapo, Manila. It is not unfair to compare that I do enjoy it more than my old kit, not to mention the brand coz I'm not SMART at all. Hehe! Kidding.

To make it short, I am using it now on this blog post and the photo was uploaded so fast. Very nice!

My PLAN 598

Now faster with speeds of up to 1Mbps!
Product Features
  • Pure 4G connection  GUARANTEED! Unlike other wireless connections, only wi-tribe guarantees that you will not be downgraded to slower 2G technologies (GPRS/EDGE, HSPA) while using thw wi-tribe 4G service
  • Unlimited surfing and browsing
  • consistent Speeds of up to 1 Mbps
  • 24/7 access to 31-tribe (31-87423)
  • Personalized Sales Agent Service
  • Free wi-tribe 4G usb Modem with your Plan with a 12  month subscription

Shap Shap Africans!

Paalam, Pilipinas!

More Happiness Soon!
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