Food Trippin'

These days I'd still can't get enough of too much eating. My weight is suffering!!! wtf! -_-

How could I be sexy as what I am planning to? Lol.

What the... hehe! This is my blog, haters go to hell! Wahaha!

I'm gonna be self-centered today.


And so I am gonna update an event after even post because some photos was left behind twenty zero ten.

Ritchel's Bdae cake.

Very nice colorful candles

 Ritchel's bdae cake was so beautiful. I am so speechless.....
We went to Valenzuela where Ritchel's parents lived. The parents really so nice.

That's Ritchel!!

With Carlyn

Us having fun

Cam whoring alone.
My legs was too much white wtf!

The bdae girl with her BF.

After the bonding and eating we went home soooo late about 12AM. I went so tired and almost threw up.

Tired, sleepy and cam whotty. Hehe.

Almost fell down to bed...

BANG! Aarrgghhh.... Hahaha!

I would like to thank God for the blessings. I am so happy I can't describe. Thanks to mum that help me all the way, siblings, friends, and my kids.

Life so really beautiful. Don't give up. Hope, learn from the mistakes and pray to God.

Remember: Leaves might turn brown and old. But the new fresh leaf will born.

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