Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant

 Last week was very abundant we bond together with my two girl friends. Yeah, dinner date at Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant located along Escolta Street, Binondo, Manila.

The dinner was very awesome and the serving was rated 10!

Of course, before the dinner the cam-whoring was started.


Just trying to fit my killer heels.

Let's us join guys to our dinner date.
With my girlfriend Kim. Look so formal but not. Lol.

I told Kim to practice cam-whoring in the powder room.

The gorgeous result of powder room pix. 
The lady on our back was disturbing me so I'd help her push down the button of her tissue. Fuck! The tissue paper was so thick could slice your V lips. Haha!

Tons of pix you might get irritated. Any problem?

 Looks like I'm wearing a gray contact lens. Hmmmm..

Trying to capture the red ball lantern up! Errr!

Cam whotties!

Can't get enough.



The peanut while waiting for our main dish.

Empty plate waiting....

 Some mayo magic. =)

Oh xoxoxo yummeh!

Baby pork sauteed in sweet soy sauce.

King Fish

Mixed fruit salad

Roasted Chicken
Chinese Pancit


Of course, dinner will be incomplete without the red wine.

Before we go home we do a lot of things ---> CAM WHORING!


#2 (Old ladies!)





#7 (with the waiter? wtf. )


#9 (With Karen)

#10 (Kim)

The Crown Prince aquarium where you can choose and cook.

Live fish

Mr Crab. Lol!


Chinese god.

Let us join forces! You must treat yourself now.

 I might be doing blog in a gap because my fucking digicam was fuckin' stolen!!!
I wanna fuck myself sooo damn stupid!! Grrr!!!

But oh well, just releasing some stress. I am alright now. Hope so. I will buy a new one. =)

Goodbye, Sony Digi cam of course I'm gonna missed you. =(
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