33rd Bdae

The getting older me, the patience-self study should I learn. Yes, if I got a lot of goodness inside myself, this one was my weakness being so impatient. I easily gets sad or turned off if I want something that I can't have immediately. My mum told me I am not younger anymore should I learn a lil bit about being patient. That is a point. I will try from this day onward. Then one year after this blog post, I am gonna check if the progress is on-going or under construction still. Lol.

My bdae was really not busy. My room mate Carlyn cooked some pancit. And brought some to our office mates. I have not much of pictures which I hate the more I am getting old.Yay!

 With my killer heels on.

Do I look 33?  

I love my shoes made me more sleek and sexy.

Love <3

There's no much to update. It was like another ordinary day. Lol. Last Sunday in Cavite, I have a pre-bdae celebration already with my kids after eating outside and brought home some chicken lechon and a whole egg pie. 

 The whole warm egg pie -P200

 Yesterday, after office my friend Sally asked me for a dinner date.
What else? We go out and watched movie. And bag some bucket pop corn!

Must watch film.

My friend Ms Sally treat for a dinner and a movie. Nice one. Then we made our tummy full last night.

We had a great dinner at Kamay Kainan.
Pork Patatim with side veggie - P85 only. 

Pork Papaitan -P90

Someone so dear send me his recorded "Happy Bdae, Jenny" song and made me cried a tear. So cute, too personalized even more than a gift to me. I just love it played it a hundred times wtf!

More of joy ahead! No plan for a trip yet. A date perhaps tonight from the Cavalier. Lol.
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