Independence Day in Cebu City

Independence day! Yes, last Tuesday (12th June), it's Philippines celebration of freedom and  I got no office it's holiday so I must go somewhere to spend such precious time of freedom.

I was blabbering this Cebu vacation since March and got my confirmed round trip ticket since April 25. Now the moment was finally here!

From office, I'd punch out then had my dinner in the apartment before leaving to airport.

Kinda tiring due to work but since I got no damn choice but rather go than wasting my ticket P2,440 they said it's kinda expensive. T_T

I was on the "zipping mode" moment wtf!

Being an alone traveler takes a lot of patience. Coz you got no one to talk.

 What you gonna do? Chillax!

7-11 a MUST try for the solo traveler good for killing time.Free adverts. Lol.


Strolling/camwhoring around
Check-in conters. Looks creepy no peeps around coz the time was 11:45PM.

Some expensive stalls.


You can play hide and seek or volleyball around. Look at these peeps.

My plane.

cam-whoring #1

cam-whoring #2

You might be irritated. So what? 
cam-whoring #3

Welcome, Mactan-Cebu!

I was kinda excited because 15 yrs gone the last time I was in Cebu.

Back of my taxi cab while heading out to Mactan bridge.

You guys must take note that you must choose a white taxi cab from the airport not the yellow one. Because the yellow cab is expensive. From departure exit, you should go upstairs to find white cabs. Ask peeps.

Cebu is not 24 hours transportation unlike in Manila 24/7 road activity. 

The famous Carlo's batchoy in Mandaue, Cebu City.

Taste like no other! The best batchoy only can find in Cebu! P99 only.

It looks like a tv monitor but no. It's a picture made in sketch.

Clubbing/ relaxing in Papa's resto bar.
Some black dude from the audience dancing to the beat. He's a cute American black.


Can't help it even in the comfort room.

The shadow of my beloved country's flag. 

Looks like the heaven opening from above.

Close to 500 years ago, Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan planted a huge Christian cross in Sugbu (now Cebu) to celebrate the baptism into the Roman Catholic religion of island chief Rajah Humabon, his wife, and some 500 of their followers on April 21, 1521. Read more HERE

One more look. This is taken around 2AM in the morning while the world is sleeping.

Subway (Tunnel) Section, Cebu South Coastal Road Project.

For further info and images. Click HERE

After the "half city tour", I've retired my whole morning slept in a small hostel. It damages only P80 per hour and I took 3 hours only. Then get myself up so early by 6AM going to Talima.

Hello sunshiney! Hello Indepence day! Lol.

Very busy (South bound) road Lololol!

And more busy (North bound) road. Hihihi.

Standing next to mine was me. Lol.

Lapu-Lapu City

The city was so tidy and clean. The jeepneys (public transpo) was so damn cute.

It was around 9AM when I exactly gets my ass in the city proper of Lapu-Lapu and I was craving for the Cebu's trademark food. Very nice for my lunch.

The Humba (Braised Pork Belly with Sugar) - P40 per serving

I am now going to Talima beach resort. Pay only P15 for the pump boat plus terminal fee.

The sun so crisp lightly getting my tan.

I do wondering, we are so few gone to the Olango island near Talima around 9 peeps. So P15 multiply to 9 equals P135. Ufff...simple life and simple earning.

 Floating houses.

Some island girl. Lol.

Buy your ticket here.

Going to Olango island then heading to Talima Beach.
A jam-packed ride in a small tricycle. This guy smiled when I said "Smileeee!" 

Old houses during my small trek going to Talima.

Wild flowers beaming to the sunlight.

My damn trek way. I was like having the feeling of scream inside because if anyone could snatch me anytime here, no one would probably rescue me. Fucking alone is really hard but I am used of it. -_-

The long road made me think of my better/bitter days.

Some rock along the way. Made me curious about the formation.

If you want a super clean, very friendly staff and private resort, this is the best place for you guys.
front view

In-loved with the nature.

A lot of beautiful spots around the resort where I can cam-whore.

Very clean pool.

The mini resto


Nice collection around the resort.

Very tidy.

Water so clear.

Life so simply beautiful.

Alone but happy. =)

Very nice place for the alone traveler.

Good to unwind.

And sleep.

Habal-habal (Skylab) going to Olango Island. P20 per head.

The Habal-Habal is a motorcycle modified to seat more than two persons. It is in use in provinces in the Philippines where jeepneys and tricycles cannot stand the rough, steep terrain and narrow roads. It is also called the "Skylab". According to some sources, this name is either taken from the space station, or a contraction of the phrase "sakay na, lab (get on, love)!".

The long and winding road (Olango)

Nice traveling with you, my Olango island. 

Pump boating back to Olango city proper.

Puso (hanging rice) P2.50 only.

Puso (hanging rice) is a dish originating from the province of Cebu in the Philippines, a local form of the Ketupat found in other parts of the Malay world. It consists of rice wrapped in coco leaves which is then boiled. It is served by slicing the coco leaves in half exposing the rice. Puso rice pieces are strung together and servers just cut them off and slice them in half for serving, hence the term “hanging rice.”

Grilled choriso P8 per stick and atay (chicken liver) P15

Very yummeh! A MUST try, dear friends.

Chorizo was one of the best "pasalubong" if you come to Cebu. The taste was so nice you can't find it in Manila. It was number one best chorizo for me next to Vigan, Ilocus Sur longganisa. 

The busy look.

While I was walking along down town of Mandaue City, this street sign board caught my eye.
So cute, I totally realized "wow, I wasn't in Manila" obviously because most of the street signs even the vandalism are in local Cebuano language. ;) So cute.

Street lechon in Cebu City

Ei, guys don't you ever leave Cebu without tasting their mouth watering lechon. You can find it anywhere in Cebu. The taste was so awesome!

P380 per kilo.

I was like hurrying tasting everything that I have missed during my trip. Apparently, didn't have much time to stroll around the city itself in Cebu because of holiday (Independence) the jeepneys was so limited. And I do not know much about the road the last time I was here was more than a decade. But I look forward to come back in Cebu where my younger days was sealed here. And Cebu was one of the biggest impact of my memories due to daddy of my son. Nevertheless, Cebu made me happy.

So before I left Cebu, I must have to taste the best orange shake that I have before. This was been my first time tasting the best orange shake when I was only 17 year old and our old dating place with the dad of my son. Ouch! I am not into reminiscin' moment guys. I just do appreciate old memories. Duh!

Orange Brutus.

P33 only

I still loved you, Orange Brutus . There is something about you that I hardly find to other orange shake.

I wonder, is it the old instinct that never fades? Admit it guys. Even if you reach the peak of your life, you had moved so long. But when you go back to your old self, I mean "old" -- the past life where you are so plain, simple, and so innocent there is something on it where you found exactly can NOT during your current life now. Gosh, I wish I could back those old time. Anyway, moving on!

Thanks, Orange Brutus for the good reminiscing moments with you.

Lopez Jaena Street, Lapu Lapu, Philippines
Tel. No +63.32.340-2215

Check out more  freshness in Orange Brutus - HERE!

Next destination -- Uhmm..I still don't know. 
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