Along With Them

What is more fun working in the office? Well, of course a bunch of friends! While working with these peeps for three years and eight months I've known exactly their characters. They said you can't identify a person's manner unless you live in the same house. True. We all live in same roof, six days a week for three years. The apartment was provided by our company that is why. Lol.

It is fun working in the office for some reasons like chatting, eating, Fb-ing and selfie-ing. It is made clear how lazy I am right?

The following evidences. I must say, from normal to crazy pix.

It happens when suddenly we realized that we all wore black. So we capture the moment.

Then lOvE begins

But wait, it's boring so I intentionally turn into this.

Something halloween in advance. 



And of course I'm gonna end it with something like super heroes. Lol.

In case, they see these pictures they won't hurt me much. Peace!

Thanks for reading.

Don't ask thy names. Lol!!


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