Ri-Rance 2014 Christmas Bonding And More.

Yeah, it's late. What's new? Lol.

Ri-Rance Realty Corp is one of Unitop Gen. Mdse. Inc -- sister company. The owners are one and the same. Want more to know? Google it! :-)

Everyone is busy eating that includes me. Can you find it?

Hello! I am here.

With Cherry

(L-R) Anna, Cris, Cherry, Me and Shierly.

Another post. (L-R) Shierly, Sally, Me, Marissa, Cherry and Anna.

It takes a hundred times of posing and selfie-ing while the food was served. 

(L-R) (1st row) Jane Amor, Cris, Me and Anna.
(L-R) (2nd row) Sally, Shierly, Marissa and Cherry. Minus the photo bomber. Hehe.

Many of you might be asking why am I telling again their names. So who cares? Lol.

Never telling their names this time. Hehe.

Here's the food to enjoy.

Thank you so much, Ri-Rance party! Until next time.

Happy Nomming!

Photo Update!

Enjoy food while we have it.
During Kim's bdae party in our apartment. Me? There finger pointed by Roan. Only my head can tell. Lol.

Yup, read between the line. Shierly was the lady in the first row. Ehem, find me.

More food tripping. Thanks for reading guys.

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