Two Beautiful Years

Note: An event after event.

Since God had put you into my lonely-crazy life, I never regret any moments that I had shared with, even it was a fatherless family frame. Did I say it right? Fatherless means not having a legally responsible father. Yeah, why should I bother. She can live a decent life even without him.

I hate stupid people. So why am I talking insignificant idle man here? It was my daughter's birthday though.

Before I go mad, I wanna share some important events of her. Her 2nd Bdae Bash!

Way back 2 years ago, she was only a tiny angel.

The event was simplified. The photos will tell you. Only we convinced happiness.

September 2:

I just bought a KFC bucket meal for us to share (only 4 people & 3 kids).


Tempting Cake.

The very late macaroni salad. 。。。。!

And some photo loads to overwhelm.

The very cute KFC tumblers

Go to KFC and had your order for only P650. lol! Advertorial? Why not?

The lil confused bdae girl.


" Thank you bucket much.."

Time to blow your two small candles.

Here with cute Kate.

The small lil bdae girl.

" Wow! Am I two now?!"

Alek from school didn't bother, just kept on nomming.


" This is mine...hehehe"

That's the part one of the story.

September 04

The most awaiting package of John Alexander finally comes. The small package knocks on our humble home.

Small Box: "Knock, knock!"
Me: "Who's there?"
Small Box: "Trico!"
Me: "Trico, who?!"
Small Box: " Just open, bitch! Why fuckin' interrogate me with fuckin' question?"


Bloody package from Kuwait.

" Yo! This is mine! Thank you, daddy!"

" Can I open it now?!"

"Yipee! My PSP! New shoes... clothes... jeans! Mad happy!"

" Peekture me, pls!!"

Iron Man shoes

How about Alek's fave & fab Spider man shoes?

Very nice Scholl shoes.

The happy John.

Sony PSP goes Deep Red

Devilish red, fuckin' awesome!

Beloved & expected visitors/family came at night. All are packed & busy for the Bdae part two celebration. Look.

Joy & Natie kept their fingers talked on chopping board.

Baby so busy while Joy cam-whoring.

The OMG delicious Pancit Canton!

Credit to my Baby who made Sydney's Bdae party (part II) done so well. I really love it!

Sweet adobong manok.

Time to blow (again?) the candles! haha!

Baby was kinda tired but happy

Showing my plate of pancit.

Happy family

That's all friends. Simple but remarkable to Sydney's memories.

ZZzzleeping time, guys.

Yeah, time to hugs our pillows too.

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln

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