Not Well

Last Monday, September 06 we got our H1N1 vaccination ( health conscious? of course!) for some reasons, here.

Surprisingly, after we got the needle torturable moments, sooner we felt like our whole body suffer from much pain. I don't understand, trying to figure it out maybe the said vaccine released the viruses outside our body or inviting it in. LOL.

Well, it's not the virus concerned but just wanna share some of my daughter's mucus photo remembrance. It's a part of cam-whoring her first doll (coz she got tons of stuff toy & this is a GIFT!),p/s: thank you, Tita natie! Well, some stuff are just for fun.


Tadah! Here's the mucus, I mean the cute doll! (See her nose, poor baby!)

Notice her eye, sag and almost sleepy because she was damn sick after that fuckin' injection. :-P

Can't believe she can still do some cam-whoring ( sick but still lovely!)

Mad cute with very pensive eyes.

Ei, Sydney maybe we can start dressing her up after combing, eh?

" Ok, Mom... whatever...."

" Do this magic wand works? "

In her white beautiful gown.

In red polka dots/pink gown. Look at Sydney's nose. Ew! hahaha!

" See, mom! How can I have so much mucus? "

Very nice aqua blue gown.

Runny nose or the red seductive gown? Muah!

Mad cute silky sky blue dress.

How about this one? Can't describe enough.

Very inspiring violet or purple?

I guess that's all I got in my camera film. Lol. Next cam-whoring to update soon, I promise.

Question, what is more worthy, the moments you spent with your child or the worth of money you send for their wellness? How about, NONE of the above? I knew someone who didn't care for a blink concern. His name was Sydon AKA Syd Lowell as I found him out in facebook new members recently. Fuckin' gorilla knew how to use FB, huh? Of course, to convince some innocent stupid girl to victimize? Watch but he was gone after a day before I searched him again. Hmm, maybe he was afraid I might add him? Go, kill yourself Sydon/Syd Lowell whoever you are fucker! But once I got you, if you are still alive, you must pay! The ghost you created will hunt you and will make you realized how gorgeously stupid & lousy dick you are!

I 'm no mad.... not at all. Phew! Just an honest opinion, ladies & gentlemen. We're not living forever. We lived because of our children. We became worthy once we truly take good care of our kids. Future means them.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. ~Stacia Tauscher

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