Carlo's Saturday!

It's about LOVE!

For about three weeks of not having seen my Carlo it was damnsolutely heart breaking. He managed to call me three to four times a DAY but that wasn't good enough because having him personally kissed or clasped tightly in my arms is very different.

God was so good, Carlo happily arrived with bags of food. Ready to cook!

Instantly, he managed to fill our stomach. Mad love!

I have a few of photos to share with you my beloveds.

Obviously, Carlo still so tired and sweating but he still gave a fatherly love. Sydney loves/missing him so much. "Hello, Dad!" That was her favorite tagline for this beautiful Saturday. Kate joined the Loved Group!

Kids was so excited yet our home wasn't finished yet.

Sydney and Carlo Junne

Sydney trying to get Carlo a nap by kissing...? Lol.

Spending heart to heart talk.

Cam-whoring with Mom.

More of ... what the.. -_-

Fuck! My face was stretched enough!!

Much better, fuck annoyance with my posed.

Carlo Junne get distracted with our cam whoring. Hehehe.

Sydney trying to show her black baby toy.. mad crazy!

Nothing more and nothing less. I am thoughtless for today! Hope you guys stay tuned and maybe you can give me more patience 'bout following my blog post. I accept suggestions or comments. Much better a good/nice topic we could share. I am more willing to blog your thoughts, feelings or reactions.

Thanks a lot & God speed!

Love is when you look into someones eyes,and see everything you need.
- Kristen Kappel

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