Home- sweet-Home

I am feeling LESS lazy to blog now. Certainly, I will post randomly as far as my mind will catch those memories. Lol.

Okay, house are mess. Kids are not feeling well.

Yup. My brother upgraded his home-sweet-home. But worst, we ended a snowy house. Lol.

Yup, that's the outside view from my window. Nice weather or not?

Obviously, my room's window. Remembering an old house? Hehehe.

Can't help but fell in love with the sunshiny-crispy clouds.

This is what I am talking, man. Our home was demolished, I mean renovated. :D

The Demolition Team

And here's the Squatters.

" I think we could enjoy a white Christmas this year?"

Eating hollow block, mad crazy!

Emo! ( She's Not inlove to him?) White powder inside our home.

horror feet. hehehe.

Which one is mine? Lol.

And so we decided to chill out to Mcdonald. Let's go!

Cam-whoring first before anything

The green kids

Poor babies... :(

There's a monster at Sydney's back!


My loves



Ready to go!

My share! Yums.


Nice rides, nice moments. Now, time to go home.

Moonlight.... dreaming...

Shower & sleeping time.


No pleasure is comparable to the standing upon the vantage-ground of truth.

- Francis Bacon

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