When It Rain, It Pours.

 Some good things really never last. And sometimes, someone we loved never meant for us. Yes, painful but it's true. Things happened for a reason. The good part, even I've lost someone so dear to me the dad of my kids tied up their communication with me. Thanks, God!

The daddy of my son was there after the "war" we reunited again for the sake of our kid. Now, they both talking/chatting and believing that someday they could turn time to bond.

Another blessing, the dad of my daughter communicates with us after two years of silence. OMG! I thought this could never happened. Yet, I am tear eyed every time the father talks to his daughter. I saw the sparks in my daughter's eyes that I've never seen for a longer period especially when both of them chatting.

Thank you, God. After the tragic part I thought I will never survive.
Yesterday, it is a sunshiney Sunday so I brought the kids to 7-11 to catch up some refreshing moments.

Poor Sydney, got sick for a week. God bless you, my love.


The Handsomeness

Taste the BIG gulp only at 7-11. Lol.

Dunkin donut bite!

After the dunkin' bonding, we went to Shaw Boulevard thru MRT the kids do enjoy with the sight seeing. I am planning something special apparently we never get the thing supposed to be done. So we go back home with tiredness. Hurriedly, anticipated for the ice cream. It's Rico Jay's 13th birthday.

Japanese Sushi for Rico's birthday.

Chicken Adobo

The over-fried chicken. But still yummy.

Happy eating!!!

I need to sleep guys. It's 10:43 pm Manila time.

By the way, I put Xian Lim on my desktop. Very nice.
So what can you say, guys?

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