Staying Alive!

Me and my troops are going for a dinner a few minutes after office. Probably got 55 minutes to pack up everything. Well ah, despite of my jumble-rumble paper works I can say it's done well and might end well. Lol!

Last night, I was not really surprised with what I have discovered. Eventually, slowing down and thinking from one corner of my mind, "What have I done?" I didn't cried for the results, no more bitterness yet I am only human and I am not an actress that can manipulate different feelings from happiness to sadness.

I am sorry but I am not the good person. Admitted that I was born a fighter. But before I will go to that level of madness, I wanna share some good things happened with my career. Of course, I can tell to anyone that I am a good employee that my boss offer me a new Acer Aspire 4730Z Series (laptop) for only P15,000 payable within 6 fucking months!!! OMFG! Freaking cheap, or what? That's one of the blessing. But apart from the good news, my job was extended up to next year with a free accomodation too. My apartment was so cool with huge 2 spacer bed, with room mate/close friend named Carlyn.

It does show how competent I am with regards my capability despite of working locally. What more if I go abroad? It's all in the plan.

Gonna go, guys! Thanks for stopping and reading. Soon I am gonna blog some stupid moron guy but I am thinking much better "title" on the next entry.

I will go shop! Cheers!

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