Spell Happiness


Thought I can not spell the right word as I was going into healing. Yes, I would say that it won't be easy to accept that everything has ended and everything changed. Thought of someone so close to your heart, you both in-love. You two talks about life, love and future. One day, as far you wouldn't imagine of losing this someone. Who might thought of this, right? Everyone should be happy. You always consider this someone brought you such happiness. You're very wrong, dear. Happiness will start from your own heart. You must let yourself deserves the exact amount of fulfillment. Don't depend your happiness to others.

I wanna stop from this point of being sentimental. I can't turn into good times I have had spent with someone I always thought as my Soulmate. There's no absolute assurance of breaking your heart. No one could tell future. Just let your life be happy as you can be. Forget about the past. Lost time could only be memories.

Let him be happy to somebody. Love is understanding. Love is forgiving. I wanna forget on the right time. I won't settle down for less. I love myself. I love my kids, John Alexander and Sydney Chinenye they we're my life. I love my mother, I can't give her everything but I assure her the best that I could be.

Change topic!

I somehow organized this HAPPINESS into reality. Yup, my troops went into a party with a live band, drinks, cigarettes and ourselves!

Of course, we didn't pay much to the party. We have our major sponsors, the gentlemen in the house! 

Who said that I will be lonely?

Dennis, Alfie, Me, Cherry and Kim


The funny thing we had ordered different kinds of beer just to note which best is most. San Miguel light is IN for me. We drunk ourselves. We ordered five buckets.

The yummie Pancit Bihon.

The beers best friend - Pork Sisig.

Spicy beef hotdog.

Nacho chips

The atmosphere was nice. The people coming in the bar was almost employees too. But the worst part --the live band. I kept on waiting for the good looking hunk-band yet I failed.

Old man singing wtf!

The drunken buddies

Which is a better match? Alfie Carlyn?

Or a love triangle around Nelson, Karen and Alfie?


Ahem! Nelson Karen??!!

I must say that I am lucky to be surrounded with funny and warm friends.

And so be it!

Before I push the "Publish Post" button, I would like to thanks the sponsors of this bar hopping to the following gentlemen on the house.

Reginal and Nelson

Alfie, the top gun. Lol.

No one will give you happiness but ourselves.

Always SMILE.

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