Love Ko 'To

McDonald is the best and very convenient place where you can share love and time with your love ones. Agree or not? It's cool and if you we're exactly the "budget-type" it's a must!

Come dine with us. ;-)

Ahmm... delicious or not? It's a toy accessories you can put on your mobile, wallet or bag.

But before we go for a McDonald date, we went to claim some money  from Sydney's papa at Western Union. Patiently does. lol.

Sydney on her comfort zone.

We claimed $180 not bad enough, eh? On our way to McDonald, we spotted some sexy girls I'd took some ass evidently so flawless... oh yeah!

pic 1

Oh.. ;-)

We ordered the following:

Mc Spaghetti with regular coke - P50 x 2 = P100

Chicken fillet with regular coke - P50

Ice cream cone - P15 x 3 = P45

Happy Kids.

Alek excitedly sluurpinggg on the spaghetti. Yums!

While Sydney can't choose what to eat. Lol.

 My pretty skin now so obvious. I will let you know my "secret" on the next post.

Oh guys, I'd took some photos about this Mcdonald chain accessories. A must buy. =)

Mc Coffee chain 

Mc Fries chain

McDo double patty chain

Alek the handsome

Sydney the beautiful

The happy diners

Going home with a full tummy.

Older Moments with Carlyn

As what I have said above, McDonald been my bonding trip so no need for me to elaborate why and how we discuss it already. Lol.

One day, after I get the call from Sydon and confirmed my flight was scheduled, I'd asked Carlyn (my room mate) to dine IN at McDonald. We celebrated the good news. Hola!

Twin order 

Tadah! My twin lol! Carlyn my good friend and my room mate.

The hungry birds...I mean hungry pigs.. Hahaha!


Let's go HAPPINESS, let's go MCDONALD!
I do. =)

Love you, guys!

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