Bulgy Eyes

I am gonna blog today not related with the titled above. Well, I just wrote it that way because I feel like my eyes are falling down... I am damn sleepy.

Sleepy yes but my heart still awake. After four years, I found him again. I don't know if there's a need for me to share this but gratefully I am happy... he came back!

We had crossed our lines 2006, unfortunately it was ended a short, lovable but painful memories. It was too long to cover up this small page. Whoa! I don't wanna go emo because we ended a good conversation and then forgiveness was open. Why not? I preferred to have an open mind. Since from that year, he wasn't a bad seed. But of course, moving on is a best option, dear readers.

My, oh my goodness. I was getting dizzy now felt like wanted to bump my head on the computer screen. But before that happen, let me share some good things, yes GOOD things about my brother's promotion.. yup he was promoted I don't know why. Maybe because he wasn't not only good but a martyr employee. Lol. Kidding.

Before anything else, I wanna share this lil photo of Alek first. Bloody cute!

Posing a wide smile going to church

Enjoying with their rides ( too much air outside?)

After we go church, obviously I made the story cut, I made a very yummilicious spaghetty.

This is for the celebration of my brother's promotion.

And of course, the one day late arrival of our cake. =)

The hungry nommers. :D

Satisfied or what?

The " I can't wait" Alek, starting to dip his fingers.

The happy mom with the angry daughter.

The smile tripper and the Emoter.

With her uncle tryin' to calm her down.

"Let us eat" mother while kate still on her best actress performance. Sydney? Oh she doesn't care. Hehehe.

The "not so care" Aunt...weeheehee. Look at Kate's face..damn flood with mixture of tears,sweat and ewww..... you know what I mean...

Ahem... "Congrats, Tito Gang"

More of cam whoring....

Minus some of the moments, but we are too glad and proud of you Mr Gideon Fernandez Jr., dearest brother and our bestfriend... CONGRATULATIONS!

Words can't fit in how much we loved and pray for you always as you are now taking the big leap in Dubai. I can't imagine more of your coming success because I have still known you as my simple and weak little brother who always seek for my advise. I love you, Gang! See you in December.

No worries, I will update more of this blog and soon with latest photo of our house as part of your achievement. I knew you are reading my blog religiously.. ahem...so stay tune, same place, same website.. don't get to those susoicious sites huh? Hahaha!

Now, kate is calm and happy.

P/s: Love your wife more and more so you will have more & more kids... hehehe.

"Most successful men have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand."
-- Bruce Barton
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