Walk Without Plan

I have noticed, the more you do nothing at home, the more you got snappy! Obviously, you got no commitment unless if you stick your ass around office then you can not just go somewhere without looking at your time table, right or what?

In related with that, we decided to go @ SM, Bacoor to entertain ourselves. Yeah, you are right! We do cam whoring of course to share our awesomeness. =D

Kate finding herself a doll. Elmo! Nice lah! It's mad cheap only P100.

The "what-I-want-I get" self-satisfied face. ;)

And so the rides, made us all happy. Got annoyed too, it's quite expensive for P10 which ride us only in 5 minutes, I guess. Wise business, eh?

The joy never pays any amount. Priceless.

Sexy Back!

Trying to manage. Go, Sydney go!

Trying to be a good mum. Lol.

Fake and acting to be a model waived their hands like this! A peace sign.

Pretty sad..? Elmo? I thought she got it? Where's Elmoooo?

Why not happy enough with this cute purple bear??

" Who said I'm not happy? Actually, I named my 'lil bear, baby gido. Nice right?"

Whatever... -_-

Still confused.

Obviously, Kate's so happy she hardly show. Lol.

Yeah.. she's really happy...


How does it taste, Kate?

" Mmmm.. finger lickin' good. Have a try."

No, way baby. Let us go and chill to nearest Mcdonald.

Eating Donut @ McDonald. Nice.

Actually, we don't order. We just sit down then cam-whoring. Hehehe.

And so what? This is a free country! Come on.

McDonald, you're such a nice place to go cam-whoring. :D

It takes a lot of photo loads before we will take our order.

"Ei, mum I am very impressed we eat nothing but a piece of donut. Weee!"

" Ssshh, don't mention it! Here's a dozen more for yah."

" I am too busy with my cam-whoring. Just eat or better eat the whole box! Don't ya disturb me."

" I'm gonna bite you. Roar!!"

" Stop that shame, mum. I am hungry!"

A refreshing glass to cool down.

" Let me try...glug...glug...glug...ahhh...better!"

My plate. Super diet. Lol.

And before we go home, we bought some pieces of scary stuff for the celebration of Kate's 2nd Bdae on November 05, so no need to promise I'm gonna blog that without a traffic.

Pretty green hat.

Looks prettier to Sydney.

And so I get much nicer -> a hat with a golden hair.

Hmm.. what can you say?

More happiness coming soon! Keep on details. For now, just hug yourself with the happiness life is giving you. Be thankful.

Share your SMILE!

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. ~Author Unknown
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