Typhoon Juan

It's signal number one here in Cavite! And the reason was brought to us by HERE.

Pretty obvious, the weather seems so gloomy.

" Rain, rain go away..come back here another day"

But before I proceed, I wanna share what had happened last night... actually in the middle of fuckin' night. Actually, I thought I was dreaming while my phone rings. Who the hell will gonna call and bitch me at fuckin' 12:05 AM?

Me: Hello?
Stranger: Helllooooo... (sounds pervert)
Me: Who's this?
Stranger: Ahhmmm....helloooo..... (sounds like 9 feet under)
Me: Why don't you bang your balls off the wall? Fucktard!"

Phone off.

The morning after, the pervert sent me a lousy message: " hello, why you off the phone, friend?"

Huh? Who the retard you are asking me like an innocent bitch? I won't off my phone if someone polluted like you won't disturb me. Sex on phone? Fuck you! Why don't you get a fuckin' life then masturbate with your small dick? I don't understand in this computerized age still living a kind of sex maniac over the phone?! Hello, why don't you kill yourself or maybe get a cam, get an internet then waive your 2 inches dick? So annoying!

What you need: blade and your wrist.

Ok, never mind.

Let's just move further with the most important topic. The typhoon Juan brought the kids much joy because they can have swim and enjoy mud bath.


Sydney: "Hmm..looks cool! What ya think, Kate?"
Kate: "With that small pool? Uhm, ok!"

girls: "Weeehhhhh!!!"

And oh, don't forget to cam-whore (the most important!)

Kate: "Oooppss... damn so slippery!"
Sydney: "Be careful, don't drown yourself with one pail of water."

Kate: " I don't like to swim anymore."
Sydney: " Why, where are you going?"

Then, later Alek joined the forces. Lol.

Poor three kids sharing at one small pool. You wanna donate? Contact the blogger. Lol.

And so, Kate fit herself in a very small tub. Hehehe.

Ahem, don't forget to pee outside the pool...

There is nothing so good with our life - FREEDOM!

Dancing with the tune of Michael Jackson "Beat It!"

Kate was simply so stubborn when it comes to Peekture so Alek grab her tight so I can snap but then it doesn't gimme a nice one. :(

Running for GOLD!

It's an airplane! Too far. Just took and thought so scary to ride with the typhoon that gonna blow you away. Half dead with the creepy imagination.

Better to feel the touch of Mother Nature.

Class suspended. So the kids and I enjoy movie marathon. Ice age is recommended kinda late though.

It never rains but it pours.
- English proverb

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