The Upgrade

What can I say?

One more week to go and so our home will be done. I can't imagine the sacrifices of inhaling such powder while our home was about to upgrade. It was like HELL! At first plan, only to re-paint the whole house then make another ceiling because we are burning with too much heat we almost die.

But in the midway of renovation, the plan changed to much better and nicer house -- everything was to cover with tiles. Then from old almost browned house, now your eyes will be delighted with YELLOW! Yup, inspired by our President Noynoy Aquino. Lol.

There goes some/few photos. I am about to blog more when everything is OK. As of now, I am just sharing a few due to persevering status of my brother, Her Highness Gideon.

The "Oh-Ah" brand new ceiling. "Hope you gonna like this, brother loves."

Another side. I just wanted to show our wall clock, don't you see? Moron. Lol.

That's not the floor, it's the corridor! Mad nice!

Proven or not?! (who's the lady in black over there?!)

The floor.

Kids too playful. Look, Sydney poses like a model while Kate running away with a piece of slipper. Hahaha!

Mad cute..teasing each other.

So what annoyance is this?! It's hurting my eyes.

Ahem, trying to catch a nice pose.

What about a wacky shot?

Or at at least a nice one...

Or maybe......errr!! A sexy one....yay! Hahaha!

And this is our small room, I suggest a touch of pink so what else? Any damn reaction, why should I care? Lol.

Applause! Showing our comfort room..in pink too. *wink wink*

I suggest it'll looks much better if the model was present...hehehe! Mad crazy.

Well, guys that's the "not yet done" home as of this day, I promise to blog more for you. Furtherly, I wanna post some "Before" photos of our home. Here.

OMG! Look for complete difference from above pictures.


that's all!


I cut my hair short...not only short lah! Fuckin' very short! I have maintained a waist long hair but I noticed it keeps on falling more and scared more than everyday. Worst, I ended up cutting it too short.

Yes, that's me.

That's a lady boy ruining my hair. GGrrrr!

Meanwhile, cam whoring with the kids.

Does Kate finds a new cut for her?

Hmmm.... cuteness

In her progress. Lol.

Decided or what? Kate? Hello?

"Yesss... I found a new hair style for me!" -_-

" Ah, helloooo.... who's getting my hair cut?!Hellooooooo..."(echo!)

"Annoying stupid people, where are they?"

"Oh, no problem..next time for my hair.Hmmpt!"

I wanna make you think after this dizzy blog. Hope you guys get annoyance. Lol. For those who doesn't like my post then go jump out the cliff!

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.

- Andrew Carnegie

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