Savory and Wedding Invitation Back-to-Back!

After the stressful office fighting with paper works, we walked to the nearest Savory Restaurant near our office. It wasn't our first time, actually the second time. We have tasted other branches of Savory Original Chicken Restaurant like in Robinson's, Ermita but we find Savory, Binondo as originally the best among the rest!

I don't wanna wait for a decade. Let us enjoy the dinner plate.

 Savory Original Fried Chicken

Sweet n Sour Fish Fillet

 Long life Pancit Bihon

Crab rice with sunny side up egg

Lumpiang Shanghai


The Hungry-Angry Birds. Lol!

The waiter named Cris. He's very friendly.

Almost finish!

The bill is P1,880 OMG!

Worth dinner for. ;-)



After 3 years of patience and love finally the awaited vow will surrender.

Got the invitation from my loving Kumare and friend, Ms Willianne. After hearing the good news I was suddenly thinking, "Is this true?" Lol. 

I was happy they finally tie the knot. Let me give you guys small details of this two couple.

Willianne is the rebel type. If you wouldn't personally know about her you might mistakenly define her snob.

Her husband-to-be is the softspoken type. Typical shy and gentleman.

You guys could imagine what would life be. Hahaha! I love them both. They were both the God parents of my daughter. Let us join them together as they enter the kingdom of their fruitful love.

My invitation sent thru Air21.

Yes I do. Lol.
Read after me: Jose Sonny and Willianne Rose

Wohoho! Soon to blog more about this great wedding event.
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