Pizza Hot is Always Hot.

I'd saw an old receipt on my drawer, it's a Pizza Hut receipt...

I've felt hungry. Check time. 4:45PM time to pack-up things.

Push the "TIME-OUT" button. Bye office. See you tomorrow.

Wave to friends. Bonding with close one.

Traffic everywhere. Walk. Stop to the nearest shopping mall. Bought a piece of new top.

Hello, Pizza! Come in. It is the guard on duty greeted us. LOL!

 Brain storming over a pan pizza!

The annoyed counters/cashiers waiting our orders for a decade.

Tender Roast Chicken - P185.00

Super Supreme Pan Pizza - P435.00

FREE Hawaiian ( ham and cheese) Pizza!

Lasagna Classico - P179.00

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs. - P129.00

You must LOVE it!

Set your tongue on fire.

True friends are hard to find.

But Pizza is there to dine.

EAT well. LIVE well.

1..2..3.. CLICK!

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