World Trade Center

It was surprisingly to our Finance Manager, Ms Liza Ko after we bought her some food treat during her bdae last December 15. She was very happy that she gave us P1,500 to spend for our World Trade trip that night.

We hurriedly packed things up to witness some night SALE. So here we go!

Ms Liza, me and the whole gang at the back!

Savory Pancit (Long Life) Bihon!

Exactly 5:00 PM we went to SM, Manila. Of course standing position while eating at Paotsin!

Sorry, almost finished when I'd took this fried dumplings only P50.

The Lovers.

Here we go, World Bazaar Festival!

Nice pic.

Nice shot taken by me.

Pretty red.

with Woobie very cute.

Oh my star! Lol.

Busy spenders





How to stop posing at the back of this tree?

10:00PM we decided our hungry stomach to fill we went to Boom na Boom. Just half km away from World Trade. Lol. It was indeed very cheap there compare to World Trade.

Hey, guys just found some hidden food treasure inside the Boom na Boom. It is called Thirsty Cactus!

Hmm..I was so stupid I might thought the juice is made of cactus. Freak! Haha!

Natural juice of your choices. I'd choose green apple it was so refreshing. Oh, please don't think it taste like a shake fruit it is more better than what you think. Must a try!

Very jumbo hotdog made by young Filipino entrepreneurs.

Soon they were planning to open a franchise.

My apple green thirsty cactus

Everything is ended. Time to go home. Very late at 12 AM already. Fuck!

Street light "paskong pinoy"

going home


cam whoring pic#1





I can't open my eyes anymore!!! Fucking crazy uploading this photos take a decade. -_-



triple peace sign everyone! have a happy life. smile!!
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