Xmas Eve Fun Rush!

Yesterday is the fucking freaky day (one of those I can consider!) because an hourly event after event lapses with too much fun.

We celebrated our Christmas party at Unitop roof top building. Yes, the drinks (beers and red whines) was unstoppable and the food was overwhelming.

To my suprised, I'd won a 5kgs rice cooker which I'd gave to mum. I will show you guys a photo including the Hyatt Hotel visit with my close friend.

Sample pic entry

Unitop Christmas Party


The Hungry Peeps.

Full plate of mine =)

Eating + camwhoring.

with Ritchel (Acctg.) and Audit boss Sir John Wong

 with co-Audit team mate Cherry and Ritchel again.

Very nice.

Along with the party food, gifts and drinks we all have fun together. After the party we went to Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila which is very far to my imagination. It was my first time walking to this prestige 5 Star luxury hotel so it was really one of those awesome experience I'd ever had next to Genting Highland Hotel in Malaysia.

But before that we had a great dinner in Maxim's (apparently I can't find their blog page)

Maxim's Seafood counter

Tofu Soup (very delicious esp to the drunken peeps like me)

We order a live King Fish which is so yummeh! But the prices are quite expensive but worthy.
Live King Fish

Cooked King Fish

Oh my goodness this prawns taste so tempting. Might trigger my HB (high blood) Lol.

Almost finished half kilo. Poor prawns.

Heavy full, sleepy, drunken and happy.

One more smile. =)

(2) - Roxas Blvd cor Kalaw St, Er-mita
Tel 59-59-72; 24 hrs; good value
(82) - 1965 Mabini St, Malate
Tel 522-04-15; 11:00-21:00, closed on Sun

Then we had a nap time together in Hyatt Hotel. I wanna take some photos along the reception area but I presumed it is not allowed.

Can't help but stared with the gorgeous pair.

Cam whoring on the front seat.

Fuck! Carlyn is more drunken than me.lol.

The dizzy lights along Malate road.

We reached the hotel past 11PM.


Very Comfy

My bed was so inviting. Fuck! It feels sleeping on the water.

Love the bath tub.

Keep safe vault

Study Table

cam-whoring with Carlyn

Yums! ;-P

Life too short so enjoy every bit of it. Have time to focus on yourself.


I just love it!



1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H del Pilar
Manila, Philippines 1004
Tel: +63 2 245 1234    Fax: +63 2 247 1234

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