Lost Without You

Sometimes being in a sad/lonely moments of your life, it feels like the whole world is drowning. While you are staring on a lost eyes, tears suddenly fall without a notice. When you look back, it seems so happy and full of dream. Two person talk, laugh and then yet -- broke.

What is more painful, is it the person you love gave up on you without fighting for the love? Or is it he gave up because there is no reason to fight for? Confusion.

Every love song is a knife that kept on stabbing your deepest heart. How many times that you need to fall and out of love and the urgency of trying?

I am missing you. The space too long to see. The road seems so dark. I am crying while looking on your eyes. Painful, photo eyes. I never been able to see it personally. One day, I am gonna look back and read this entry without crying anymore. Needed to be tough and strong.

If only he won't let me go, how I wish. =(

Lost Without You

I feel lost without you
I feel everywhere I turn…
There is no way out
And I am still lost
I feel so empty without you
There is a Darkness sweeping into my heart
Causing me so much pain inside
Is this just a phase I am going thru
Or is this more
Is this Fate
Now my fate is sealed…
I thought the Light had gone out…
But the Light has come back to save me.

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