Baywalkathon slash Super Bowl of China

The background looks like tarpaulin right?

But no! It's the famous Baywalk. Foreigners and locals usually went here for some sight seeing and of course to witness the beautiful sunset.

Edited the photo to put some drama. Lol. 

Last Wednesday, January 15 around 6pm, my friend and I both agreed to have some bonding moments in baywalk. And I am surprised that there is still life after the everyday office routine. 

I like to have some barefoot but it's frustrating cigarette butts are everywhere.

Another dim-light view. Lol.

It thrills me whenever I looked on this photo.

We need some foot spa. Hehe.

The scenery was far from amazing.

The place was good enough to recollect past and trying to be lazy.

I told Cherry to took a picture which will show that I am holding the light. But far enough, it looks that I stupidly doing something. And it ends that I wanna sleep over the bench (with that stranger) due to numbness of my left arm.

 Now, this is what I am trying to say. Sabotage? Lol.

I am running out of caption. 


Alrighty? Lol.

#alone, #feelingvirgin, #innocentlooking, #happy

This photo was so blurry so it turns my imagination wild. 


Screaming mode.

We screamed not only because we were excited. But we are hungry. From baywalk we crossed the pedestrian lane going to 7-11. From there, two blocks then left turn it's Robinsons Mall, Ermita. Is that clear? Search for Wikimapia in case you misguide.

Super Bowl of China

Robinsons Manila Branch
Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts., Ermita, Manila
Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone Number
(+63 2) 567-1892


I am in diet. Lol. So I've choose assorted seafood super solo meal.

 What's your order?

She also choose the super solo meal.

Waiting for our food.

Camwhoring while waiting.


 Very hungry! Lol.

Quench your thirst.

Yes, it's fulfilling.

Some crackers. It's free!

Here comes our food. Deep breath.

Maki Mi P190.00

It's super delicious it absorb all the hungriness gone forever. 

A must try even this one alone. 

Assorted Seafood

Sweet and sour fish fillet

Now we can start enjoy our dinner.

Each bowl of solo meal can really satisfied our stomach. The jasmine rice was nice and most of all, the ambiance was so relaxing thought it was like eating at your own home.

Food critic was busy eating, don't disturb.

The final verdict!
Everything is almost done.

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