Goodbye 2013, Happy New Year 2014

December 31, 2013 we celebrated JB's 9 months bdae! But as you noticed I have edited the number I was confused I thought she turned 10. Haha! Sign of aging. Lol.

And yeah you were right, we celebrated it with the New Year eve too.

It shows that Jewel Blake wasn't in the good mood. It took ten times of this pose all came out so blurry but I guess this one is a bit ok.

I told JB that we will have photo session before we take our dinner. Thanks God she cooperate.

In between she came irritated. We clap our hands so that she won't cry and told her that it was her bdae!

Yes, baby girl. It was your 9 months bdae, dear. Sure, get that Sprite if you want.


Ei, JB just choose one. How about us?

Of course, NO! 

But if you smile like that everything is yours.

Let us eat guys.

 Mocha flavored home bake cake

Hehe.. neeeh! I didn't bake it I bought it.

Fruit salad sponsored by my sister Joy for the fruitful 2014.

I also cooked delicious saucy-spaghetti and bihon for long life celebration.
Yes, guys you don't know that I am a low profiled chef?

 My saucy-spaghetti pasta sealed with love and kiss.

The long life bihon. Everyone loves it!

The 13 kinds of fruit. I never count it!

There are lots of  superstition during New Year. They said you have to jump high so you come taller. Err, it doesn't work to me. Lol. They said you need have to put some coins on your pocket so that you won't be running out of money. Hmm, I guess it's true. They said you have to celebrate the season with fire works so you explode the luck for the year to come. Ahem, how about the victims of fire crackers celebrating fingerless? OMG.

Well, better to do it with some noise trumpet. It's more safer. Ei, I don't mean "pindeho" could mean that your spouse has been cheating on you! That's bad.

Family Peekture!

My pride and joy - Alek, JB and Nene!

JB with J.O

JB with Joy.

Apparently, JB doesn't like my sister much. When Joy wanted to kiss her, she will look to other direction. Or when she greeted her, she will cry. That's because my sister visit us once in a decade. Lol.

Totally stranger! Haha!

JB with Joy and Echo.

Look how happy the baby with her cousin, Echo compare to Joy.

JB with Mama.

Actually, mama loves JB xoxoxoxo much. She always wanted to kiss her.But  JB get irritated with mama and the baby refused everytime mama will hug her.

JB with Mama and Mark Anthony.

JB is not a shy baby. But when it comes to her uncle Mark Anthony (my younger brother), she will collapsed. What I mean, when her uncle smiled at her she will attempted to lie down horizontally! The most scary part even she sit back or standing, she will lie down fast without a notice! I totally panicked because she might accidentally sprain or something. Grrrr!

Does JB knows about handsomeness?
Lol. My brother is not handsome, but very handsome! Hehe! Some talent scout told us he can portray the younger version of PaoloAvelino.

 credit: yahoo images

credit: yahoo images  

And so?

Oopss.. g2g! I am ranting too much of nowhere.

Catch you soon.

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