Unitop Christmas Party 2013

(Warning: Unresponsive photo loads will explode until the end of this post!!!!)

I supposed to tell this - it's not Christmas party anymore more like New Year's party eh?!

December 28, 2013

The long waited party of Unitop after 2009 said the oldies employee because the big boss celebrated it with food filled table, wines, drinks and the breath taking fire works imported from China.

Well, I should say it's one of the special party here in Unitop because we won the first prize award for the best dance group. Would you believe it?! Haha! No one can ever tell that I can dance (ahem!) a bit with the stiff legs. Lol.

 Me in a green stripes beside the green Christmas tree.

I looked more like the Christmas tree itself.  

With Jane Amore, the Christmas tree buddy. Lol.

 With Cherry Ann, my close friend.

Starve yourself looking on my pictures until the entry ends.

With the Auditor, Ms Karen Chiu.

Did I told you before that I like to take some photo of someone taking pictures too?! Now, it happens.

Ok, time to eat.

Lechon Baboy (roasted pig)

If you want a fresh and crispy lechon, just order to Ping Ping's Lechon. Google for inquiry. Lol.

Fresh Jumbo Shrimp

Golden brown fried squid.

I don't know this stuff but let me guess.. chicken meat sauce in pandan.

 Beef stew in brocolli.

"Curacha" or spanner crab as known blended with coconut milk.

Sweet 'n sour pork fillet.

Savory special bihon.

Savory special canton.

Stir fry pechay with Chinese sauce.


It's weird that I don't eat much. That big fish on our table wasn't move a bit. Lol.

The 2013 Christmas party was memorable because as I've said earlier we won the grand prize in talent category. P10k gift - 1st prize, P5k - 2nd prize and P3k - 3rd prize (all in Unitop gift cheques).


I don't have the actual photo of our dance number though. 

But here's the video.

The dance move was easy but I dance like crazy...annoying. Forgive me.

Anna Jean won the Ms Unitop.

 Ms Unitop but she got a baby boy oredi..! And she's married. Sorry boys!

Can I be the next Ms Unitop? Wahaha! 


I shouldn't eat much so my dream will come true.Bleeh!

I think Jane Amor had the same dream. Lol.

The group winners with the Unitop first lady, Madam Mimi. (Btw, Carlyn in violet is NOT included in our group ok?!) Just to clarify. Hehe!

My group (Shierly, Me, Cherry Ann and Kris).

The portrait .. of boxes.  

We are so glad that we had the great night together. So we kept on photo session.

With Shierly, married with 3 kiddos!

With Kris. And guys, sorry she's also married with baby boy.

More of photo loads
 That's our very cool boss, Madam Mimi (center).

Tons of friends!

 Carlyn, Anna Jean, Shierly, Kris, Me, Malou, Shiela, Cherry Ann and Jane Amor.

single, married, single, married, married, married, married, single, married.

So boys, only 3 singles left. Move it right, OK?  

Before I will end this post, I wanna thank our BIG boss Sir Ricardo, for being a part of this wonderful event in the past three years. Wow, three years?! Damn! Lol.

Yup, I am getting old together with the Unitop family.

Brito's Family picture.

God bless you everyone! Have a blessed, fruitful and successful 2014 ahead.

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