Rizal Park

Of all places, why  Luneta? Here's my answer list.


January 22, 2014 Bonding with group of friends.

At first, they thought that I was kidding when they asked me where to bond. I said "let's go to Luneta!". Then they reacted, "What?!" Mostly friends will likely go some shopping or movie-ing. 

Guys, Luneta is the best place for grand reunion, activities or even being lazy. It's like going back of old school years. Of course, sight seeing is an advantage.

The other side of Philippine Map.

This bridge composed of Philippine map. Google it if you're confused. Lol.

Feels like Titanic. Where's Jack? 


Life so easy if you got tons of friends.

 Tons of roses. 

We are all so excited to explore. 

Looking somewhere photo-opp.

You can't find me I am their official photographer. 

The views are plain and simple so I have edited the photo to see the true beauty.

Kalesa! I've edited the photo with clouds. Original was no clouds. Hehe.

Thank you to Muzy. Visit my underground vilve.muzy.com and make yours too.

Chicken feet. Haha! It's mine with the red nails.

Super likey!


Don't worry if ever your tummy crave, food stalls are everywhere. 
Especially, the "dirty ice cream" or sorbetes in the photo.

Every corner has a canteen.

But if you wanna save more, bring your own food ok?

Nature tripping.

The two was like over joyed to took a photo with this tree.

Surprisingly, an army of ants attacked them! Wahaha!


You can also see Lapu-Lapu's monument in Luneta. Who is he? Lapu-Lapu is the country’s first official hero because he killed Magellan, the first Spanish leader who tried to conquer the country.

He is Lapu-Lapu. (I really loved this pic that I have edited with clouds.) Super proud!


This is Cherry. 

Err.. I don't like this so blurry. My friend has hand tremors. "Pasma"?

Out of nowhere I am blending the photo, the result was this. Like it! 

Why did the chicken cross the road? 
 I made this quote for Cherry!
We can't find some street food like fish balls and squid balls so we have our dinner in:

Rizal Park Branch
Rizal Park
T.M. Kalaw St. cor. Orosa St., Manila
I saw some sparkling moments inside Jollibee because I am too hungry.

2 pieces spicy or original chicken P120

1 pc chickenjoy with jollibee spaghetti P108
 Introducing .. the garlic pepper beef P49
 All comes with free softdrink. Additional charges if you like iced tea.

Peach mango pie for P25

Err.. what is this???? Lol.

Empty plates with the satisfied faces.

Then we headed back  to the park settling our eyes with the spectacular and famous dancing water fountain of Luneta.

See the colorful background.

I like the pink water burst and I edited the 'lil pink star on top.

The wonderful blue burst.

Spell A-W-E!

Cam-whoring is a plus.

After the breath-taking dancing water fountain we moved forward to our dearest national hero statue,

Us girls.


This is the controversial P7.8 million flagpole project of the Philippine government.

Is it nice or pricey?


Posed with the controversial flagpole. How does it feel? Lol.

After the endless laughing and chatting we went home with a BIG smile.

Handling life with a free spirit and boundless happiness in our hearts will made everything easy.
Plus, don't forget to take time with our friends they valued more than your branded gadget.



OfficeClick! (with Cherry Ann)

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things which give value to survival. – C.S. Lewis
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