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The Sheep born has one of the most remarkable Feng Shui forecast in the year 2014, if not the best. You enjoy a wonderful year filled with opportunities. Capitalize on your good fortune luck this year and your dreams and ideals will be transformed into reality. You get help and support when needed. Your determination, drive and self-confidence are high. Your high energy will see you through high level of activities and risks. It’s as if nothing can stop you and you move to take the fullest advantage of the favorable 2014’s feng shui winds. The year of the Horse 2014 is the year you can afford to take career, business and even personal risks. You can change your work environment, switch professions, change jobs, go into business or invest in a partnership; there will be hidden forces that work in your favor so that success will come. Trust your instincts and rely on your own good judgment! 

Hmm .. sounds nice. This forecast kick my ass to strike for the best this year! To read more, click here !

My post for today is about our Christmas togetherness with my angels and soul partner. We celebrated it to Classic Savory Restaurant in SM Dasmarinas. Actually, I want to do it in Tagaytay but we don't have enough time. So, erase and re-schedule hopefully this March on JB's 1st bdae.

The baby is now a 'lil lady.

Well, JB was the one super excited. Everytime we go out even just to buy something in the market she will giggled for joy. She will talk endlessly that only herself understand.

After we tagged along with the kids and bought JB a new umbrella type red stroller, we rush our hungry stomach to Savory which filled with great volume of people waited to fill themselves too.

JB been tired and hungry felt uncomfortable enough to be irritated even with daddy.

Alexander was patiently waiting for our food.

J.O's no reaction face.

They ignored the box of sweetness. Instead waiting for about 20 minutes.

Then miracles happened!

The yummy and colorful fried rice.

Special Bihon.

The crispy fried chicken.

Alexander can't wait lah!Hehe.

Sydney can't stop anymore. 

Peekture!! Smile!

JB can't stop from yelling dunno if the chicken in her hand is not enough or what.

So big brother Alexander comfort the angel.

My two beautiful ladies.

The year 2014 is definitely an outstanding year for the Sheep. You need to take positive actions this year for new developments on your career front to happen. Forge powerful alliances, make strategic plans and strike out full force! And as a sheep, I will have to wear or keep a lucky pendants. I am overflowed with tremendous blessings because I got three beautiful kids and very kind soul partner. What else. I got circled amulet to keep my luck.

The big-circled face of JB was my lucky charm. Haha!

Happy 2014 everyone! God bless us!

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