Hello Guys, this post will be actually a photo blog. It was the fun in Enchanted Kingdom 21212 stands for February twelve twenty twelve.

It wasn't plan though that time I had a fever. I supposed to go home with my kids but since I can't, Karen and other close friends invited me to hit the fun in EK! Here we go this is my first time in Enchanted Kingdom and Laguna too. I need welcome banners lol.

Test cam!

Test flip flops. Lol.

Ok I am ready to go!

Taken from my cam

Ifi, Kim, Me, Kyla and Karen

The Magic Lives On.


Me taking pic for Kim wtf!

The gang.

With Mr Wizard wtf!

21212 The EK Promo

But I don't have partner to come up with the free Hershey's and Coke. Hmm... let me find one.

Ehem.... should I ask the lady in yellow maybe she can have me a partner lah?!

Should be patiently waiting...err!!!

My friend Ifi trying to gimme moral support. This lady transacted for a decade wtf!

Wohoho! I got it guys, she gave me the free Extreme ride portion! Worth waiting...

My free ride to Extreme Tower. OMG!

Time to enjoy!

But the kingdom will open @ 11AM and the clock was only 9AM wtf! We need to eat first.

Oh, my kingdom .. but where's my prince charming? Lol.

Going to Jollibee, Balibago, Sta Rosa, Laguna
Jollibee Meal for P695.

 Spaghetti. Looks so yums!

After Jollibee, we move further to 7-11 for an ice cream treat!

This is how I lick it! mothafuckingbitch! Lol.

Overrated red eyes. Fucking eyes so irritating.

Why does mirror are made for???
Five of us.

Mirror fanatic! wtf!

Here's to prove that the following human are mirror fanatic!
attempt#1 (too far lah!)

attempt#2 not too far but blurry

attempt#3 Hmm..ok that's enough.

 Going back to my palace. Lol.

 Yes, you do!
This photo so sweet but over acting looks like me and Ifi didn't meet for a long time wtf! Lol.

Beautiful ladies should stick to each other.

Before we go around we should need a guide! What does Dora (the explorer) ask to Butch (the monkey)?

Can't find anything so treasurable...hehe! <3

The first ride is very awesome man! Up, Up and away ride.I feel like a young kid but I am still though...assuming!wtf!
Swing me!

Swing me like no one can do but you.

Yeah...just like that...hahaha! Mad funny!

This is unfair! Ifi and Kim pic was more awesome coz I'd took the one. SEE!
Ifi, mad love!

Kim, awesome!

No more complains.

More of Pix ahead. Mouth shut!

Now going to watch some movie..
My first time to watch some kind of theater like this. It's true so what's your problem? Lol.

Inside the cinema fuck blurry~!

Our seats! Ready to take off. Blurry again coz we are running fast.I see the blood in your ass moments.

Me anticipating for the awesome 4D theater.

fuck! I'd actually feels my seat moved and rocky something like I was riding in the fuckin' train like what I'm watching OMG! This is so cool! We also got a seat belt lol.

Pair of heart with Kim. 

 Wheel of Fate ride.

Breath taking views from above.

We get ol' wet with the Bump n Splash ride (not quite sure if this is Boat ride or something)

FYI, were on the 2nd row seats (backward lah!)

 Look at that sexy girl taking pic (right side) ...It's me! 

This is they actually I am taking pic.

Super nice.

Tiredness is given.

Lunch time so we need to go out because food inside the kingdom is considered "Your Highness". Fuckin' expensive eh?! We need to budget our meal so the left overs from Jollibee is recycled. Lol.

Going back inside the kingdom, powder room is required. Pets are not allowed.

 Unofficially friends of mine. Haha!

Voltes Three! Let's volt in! Lol!

Have to chillax.

Rainy day wtf!

I like Treasure Island ride, the waves and the falls together made me a wet ass. haha!

If ever I pee no one can get notice.

Can I have this seat? Please don't move. Lol.

It's a lonely place without you.

Me with Karen in a carousel ride. But sitting in an old school side instead of a horse seat.

And more of self-centered images.


The most awaiting ride of the decade was the EKStreme Tower Ride.
Us anticipating for the nervous breakdown thrill.

Wohoho! Trying to calculate my heart's beating and my blood pressure.

Pretending to be easy but my chest drums fast reaching my throat I wanna choke.The guy on my left side..

This is the moment....

I will choose to die in a bullet rather than you put me here to death sentence. Lol.

I felt the whole world stops and there was silence. Total silence...wind blows my hair in slow motion. I knew I am screaming...but why I can't hear it loud? Then it suddenly stops in a second...whooos!!! I'd felt the sudden rush of dropped, my ass wasn't on my seat anymore air made the gap, fucker am I floating, flying or what?!

It was super-duper-mega-over thrilled experienced in my whole 32 years of life existing. Bitch! 

Moving on with that bloody ride, we strolled over the kingdom and played some fucking games which wasted only our money. Tricky games wtf!

Three of us (Me, Ifi and Kim)

Ms Wizard!

I had this character of looking back to something I had experienced and look how others could survive. The ought of comparing and see what would it be. Like this...
Going back to EKStreme ride wanna know and look for this human reactions.
I've fuckin' waited for almost an hour and half coz they need to fill all the vacant seat my friends leave me already and I was left standing in a cold rainy tear drops on my head. OMG..

What if in reality I was in the airport waiting for my soulmate but then again there was no really coming? What if no one come and I will be all alone? Foreverbealonewtf! Yes, I will still wait for him even the rain will wash all my tears away. I will be glad crying over the rain so no one could ever notice that I am. SIGH!

Stop being dramatic. 


After the walkathon around the kingdom we stopped over to watch some live concerts featuring MYMP!
the intro.

As usual, the band made the crowd fascinated with their love moments kind of music. Yeah, acoustic baby!

New female vocalist after Juris, her name is Juliet.

Thank you, MYMP for sharing a wonderful mini-concert in Enchanted Kingdom.

Ok lah time for us to go home it is almost 9PM. Looking forward of going back to EK with my kids.
Bye EK, your highness! See you soon!!

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