Tito Ramon's Garden Grille

It's Wednesday of Feb eight, wash day and gimmick day!

Going to Tito Ramon's Garden Grille again. The last time we spent our Halloween party with circle of friends was November, it's almost three months and here we go again.

I wanna cut the story short as I don't remember any memorable thoughts for that day.

So here we go, back to Tito Ramon's hang out with friends that night. Of course, this blog will never be jennyvilve.blogspot.com if my pictures won't be shown. Lol!

untagged dress-P140(UK),Janeo shoes-P600(Mall of Asia),black blazer-P100(SM,Centris)

very cute but affordable agree or what?


 I love editing it made me looks slimmer. Lol.

Closer detail of my cute dress

Closer detail of my skintone Janeo brand shoes

On the way to:
Tayuman St., corner Abad Santos Ave., Manila

Us girls waiting for the car.

With Kim, the sweet girl.

Big brown eyes.

Who's mine? 

Try to remember this face..the driver Nelson. Wanted! haha!

Just taking a pose I dunno how to play billiards wtf!

The billiard model. Lol.

Still young in 32. Any violent reaction?

Blurry but I like it was like zombie wtf!

Sorry guys, the mirror was dirty enough to cover the awesomeness. haha!

Bihon guisado

Pork Sisig.

Rufa, Karen and Ritchel

with Kim.

Pork Barbeque
Fries and cheese.

Fried Squid

Ice cream for the drunken

Ice cream lover

San Mig apple taste more like a juice rather than a beer.

 Vodka is a pinch of alcohol only.

The guy in the middle seat made this treat. I forgot his name. Lol.

In between beer drinking I was frequently looking for the comfort room and pee every 10 minutes wtf! In between of those I sneak a photo moment with Kim. Hehe! Cam whores certified.





Me + Kim= MeKim or KimMe or whatever!

During the "pee" session of me and Kim or Kim and me or so whatever wtf! Some guys invited me to join the "herbal" puff. Lol! I knew I'd experienced this already when I was in Kuala Lumpur this "smoke" session yet out of politeness I do joined the group.

The english speaking guy, he looks an Indian national with this fellow Filipino guy staring like they wanna kill me. and I look like a dumbass singer holding the mic. Bitch, that's the "hose" of herbal stuff from where you will inhale some invisible smoke then exhale. I'd cough so hard it taste like you're inhaling some mosquito repellant thing!! Bloody uncomfortable on my sinusitis like I will be suffocated with.

"hello test mic"... whatabloodybitchdumbass!

 The Indian guy looks irritated with my dumbo acts.

So the other filipino guy demonstrated it.
unknown guy: "this is the way you hold..blah..blah.." (while Kim listen as if she had no choice)

Unknown Indian: "This is easy..inhale-exhale method"

Then we enjoy the loud sounds from a live band and so on..
The boobs of band singer is telling hello.

The Drunken Peeps

The fun ends well and everybody went home well. But before that me and Kim enjoyed more of our cam-whoring in the comfort room wtf!

Seriously, life too short should be enjoy and live happily. Leave the past and focus on what you have today. Learn to appreciate things and friends. Love yourself and loved those people who loved and take good care of you. Future is far better than what you are expecting. Thanks to my family  who changed the value of life and love that I thought it wouldn't be happier. My kids you are my precious gem and no one could take you away from me. I know in the future you might come and read this. I am not a perfect mom but I love you both the most.

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Carl W. Buechner

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