Chic Boy (Chicken at Baboy)

Yesterday was fuckin' boring inside the office. I've hurriedly punch out the time card then spontaneously  invited Karen and Kim for a girl's night out to Greenhills.

We connive the company driver to drive us to Chic Boy, Greenhills which he rightly agreed. Before we reached the fuckin' place we terribly encountered 2 to 3 hours traffic jam wtf.

Finally, after making some hot cakes on our ass almost fell down of my arthritis fuck!

We ordered one whole grilled chicken, ensaladang talong (steamed eggplant), steamed kangkong with bagoong and janjanjan ----cold water! Haha!

We took (of course!) tons of photos before anything else. I wanna tell you photos plus self-centeredness is the main purpose of my blog. Lol.

This is one of the worst picture-capturing moment of my blog site wtf! I'd tried 9 bloody times of each snap pic but uh well, some of the shit didn't work out.

Ok lah! Quit explaining look for the evidence.

#1 blurry

#2 blurry

#4 blurry

#5 blurry wtf!

Ok guys, to stop annoying you let us jump to Chic Boy! Chic is short name for Chicken and Boy for Baboy means pork. This is for my foreign readers info. =)

It was a cheap but awesome experience dining in Chic Boy. Our bill for the dinner was only P300 plus. Who pays? Of course, Ms Karen which turned her fame over my blog. Hehe! Thank you Karen once again you have proved that you are so rich in heart. Lol.

Another bloody blurry pic wtf. Shaking hands wtf!

Grilled chicken.

Ensaladang talong

Steamed Kangkong

Lots of rice.


The wall was so cute can't help but took one.

But it looks more cute with me on the wall wtf.

Visit now!!!


We took some bloody photos in the over pass before the Greenhills Shopping Mall. I'm having the feeling of awkwardness while people looking on us with the thoughts of: "Fucking ignorant, first time experience in MANILA?!" Lol.

Wtf! Blurry again? I wanna kill Kim, she took this one...ggrrr!!!



Dunno what kind of flower is this.

Lucky Plant

Caught by beautiful orchids.


P50 per pot. Cheap lah!

After the ChicBoy dinner, we tour around the Greenhills shopping mall until tiredness caught us. We waited for our driver to pick up us and drive us home for an hour. Another decade passed by and it's freaking 10PM already wtf! Where the hell are you, Nelson?? My phone credit was finished in a waste this driver Nelson still nowhere to catch.

We walk our stressed feet into the nearest 7-11 and there we kill our time. The wrist watch is 10:30pm fuck!
The tired faces wtf!

Karen almost teared-up to go home.

Heart is in the air and everywhere..how I wished I got Valentino.

Hmm.. we can't just wait here for nothing...what should we do?

Pretends to be dumb. Lol.

Aha! Wi-Fi!
If you don't have a bloody internet connection just go to the nearest 7-11 then enjoy the fun. Speed is good.

Haha! Karen's face is hopeless.

Well, guys need to update more of our trips. I am gonna update tonight. We do clubbing with my friends. Hmm.. pretty toxic since Monday ..we've done the shopping to SM, Manila. Tuesday, we went to ChicBoy in Greenhills. Wednesday is today going club and beerday of course. What a fuck life. Enjoy because the next day when we grow old we can never do such a mess. Lol!

Anticipating to blog the El Nido, Palawan trip on April. Wohoho! Oh, thank you God I knew I am not perfect.
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