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Howdy, guys!

I wanna share some food tripping again of course with Karen (hope she will quite be famous in my blog) and Rufa. We had a dinner treat last night in Max's Restaurant in SM, Manila. It's best served with cute crews. Lol.

Max’s Restaurant Branch in SM CITY MANILA
Location: 2nd Flr. SM City Manila, San Marcelino St., Ermita Mla.
Telephone Numbers: 400-8803 / 400-8645
Fax No.: 400-8645
Type of Business: Fastfood and Restaurant

I wanna say over and over again because I want you get irritated though. Err! Cam-whoring of course lah!



What a fucking shaky hands! My photos was blurry. -_-

#4 My skinny friend, Ritchel ..hehe.

#5 The self-centered me. Booh!

#6 I am not selfish here's Ritchel again. =)

Here we go SM, Manila ...off to comfort room. -_-


#9 The amused Karen


Our empty stomach punching us to death so we proceed to Max's bakery side before we formally take our dinner date. Here we go.

Pick your choice

This is my choice. Yummeh!

" The we-are-so-hungry-faced"

Making my own way of ignoring my hungriness. I wanna give Karen a big punch she's turning the menu book pages for decade wtf!

Just to ignore the painful stomach, I took pictures around.

And pictured me. Err!

Huuuuu....very hungry..permission to collapse.

Whatthefucksheisdoing? I wanna pull Karen's hair she was like reading some magazine? I wanna slap her my small and large intestines hungriness might kill me!!! 

Later after Karen gave us this piece of chocolate cake! Wow, came from heaven. Lol!

The excited nommers.

Want a piece?

Almost finish! But still hungry... :-(

Go,Karen order more. The choco cake made me smile.

egg pie

Still hungry or what?

Max's Best Dishes:
Pork Sinigang (sour soup)

Of course, this is my share.

Crispy Pata (baby pork leg part)

The best part of the dinner date was the paying amount and the paying person.
P945 PAID by Karen

Wohoho! It was really the best dinner date. hehe...Thank you, karen you're such a big heart. Lol.

Before we go home, we bought some computer accessory and panic shopping. The store was almost closing oh em, it's 10PM! The store literally turned off the lights freaking dim light everywhere.

Then we drop our hungry stomach again to the delicious Krispy Kreme corner. Bought some donuts.

Hmm...I dunno what has to choose from this layers of yumminess.


Krispy Kreme, thanks for the soft donuts!

More food trip ahead.
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