Free is a Blessing!

This is obviously a very belated Valentines post. Superhuatdafuck!

Since there was no punishment about the late posting I might get carry over.

The super friends crawled to the nearest Pizza Hut branch in Sta Cruz while the special visitor or should I say "Our Valentino" waiting on us for fuckin' two hours. He was too early damn!

With Ifi and Kim.

This time I wasn't feeling well due to the redness of my both eyes. It's not sore eyes it was tired eyes.
"Hmm..reading the note I thought sounds like me".

  Hearts over flowing. 

Ok, guys let us read some heart notes:
Oh, I like this one "future asawa" means future partner in life.


Hehe..no other woman, agree or what?


Then after the cam-whoring outside the Pizza place, we go back to our seats while Sir Phil (our Valentino) is waiting, mad waiting perhaps. Lol! He ordered 2 big pan pizza then left us. He is hurrying for something we didn't bothered to stop him coz he's a kind in a rushy mood. He wanna let go of our cameras too. Hehe.

Free pizza!! Picture moments.
Sir Phil, Kim and the new face on my blog...fuck! Who is this? I forgot! Its...ahh..errm...Shierly!!!WTF!

With me.

Everyone was so excited while waiting for the order to be serve.
What about a super big pizza like this? 


Kim in emo mood. Lol.

Actually, I wasn't in nice mood during this dinner date because of my fucking irritating eyes I wanna wash it or put my whole face in a basin full of water and maybe.....drown myself of. 

But we need to enjoy the day. So the part of enjoyment was taking photos and Sir Phil might get irritated on us too but he choose to be in a silent mode. 

He is reading..no he's not! Yes, he is! No! Yes! No! Whatever!!

Book of life. 

Why this ladies kept on cam-whoring? I dunno why, oh why? Shit stop!
Karen: "Wow, am I too pretty with my muscles?"  

Ifi: "Come on, Karen this is legend if we photo ourselves with a piece of this pepper shit stuff"

Omigod! Say cheese!!  

Sir Phil: "OMG! These are sick people! Ok, class I must go. Byeeeee!"

When the pizza was served, all was there to take a pic like pizza is a supahstar!  

Bacon Supreme Thin Crust Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza


Yeah, I am ready for my share.

The zombie me. Lol!

Slice like this while keeping your eyes shut.


Seems everyone is not talking been busy with nomming. I would like to thank our sponsor Sir Phil, who happens to went home early and didn't even bite a slice of our pizza. Free is really a blessing. Yey!

The satisfied nommers! Bow!

Ok lah, going home! Have a photo with our cute cat in the apartment.
very cute.

Meow! You fuckin' human get off me!

The Unitop peeps!

One last cam whoring!
Happy gals!

I would like to thank my readers for following my blog in different parts of the world.

Happiness is given. God bless ya' all!
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