Lazy Fashion

Today is another normal-ordinary day.

 I have nothing to blog because I was so lazy.

I never eat rice for 3 days because I told you..I am lazy.

I slept everyday about 2AM because my insomnia is lazy.

I don't have internet connection because my pocket is lazy.

I love Plants Vs. Zombie game because I am lazy.

Lazy ... lazy ... lazy.

Well, I just wanna post a lazy blog about something not really interesting to your eyes. I am not sure if I need to update but since I am typing this words in a lazy manner let me begin the stuff.

 I am not an expensive buyer but I am the quality finder.


Orange knitted dress-P120(Isetann), blazer-P120(SM),Janeo shoes-P600(MOA)

It's hard to capture a peekture perfect because I dunno how to do it right.

Need to pose this way to show you the nice dress. Lol.


Very beautiful knitted dress. I am obviously taking it inside the powder room.Minus the shit wtf!

Blouse-free from my Karen's closet, black leggings-P100(Quiapo Central)

How it came so bloody sweet from Karen passed-to-me kind of a blouse?

Very pretty. Hehe.

End of laziness. I wanna sleep but can't. Banging my head on the wall mood.

Thank you for reading.
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