The Fernandez

Sunday again! Family time which always my pleasure to be with my love ones.

We went to SM, Palapala Cavite and there shopping was our bonding moments.

Another round of bribery happened. John and Sydney pull out another dramatic entourage to convince me another new toy with the small kisses I can not refuse. Melting heart and yeah, everything was very easy. -_-

I saw future police skills in these kids. Lol.

Another collectibles for the bribe. 

Ok, recently damaged John's hair. I am sorry baby. Sometimes I would like to experiment new kids hair style.

Sydney on her cooking toys. Maybe she aspired to be a chef or what?!

Echo, the teaser. He doesn't play anymore. He's a dude.

Lunch time in Mang Inasal!
Mark Anthony (my baby brother) with Echo (my nephew)

With mum and bebe girl. I look so fucking tired. Lol.

Happy family

My cute baby bro.

Sydney was suffering from self-centernism. Wahaha!

More on happiness.

Nice spot so the kids were running to sit I was like: "Nooooo!!!" LOL.


The future models

We go ahead the SM Appliance section because I wanna check my future gift to mum on Christmas.

I've grown up with this kind of brand. ;)

Enough for my kids.

Sydney, John Alexander, Mark Anthony and Echo. Chilaxing!

Before we go home we made some funny pix for the kids. And yeah, tired but awesome.

John? Haha!

The 3 Musketeers.

Muahahaha! Echo the pinocchio. Lol.

This one made me ROFFL!

Oh, after the fun bonding I felt like no going back to Binondo but I have to. Sadness anticipating the solo moves again. My daughter don't wanna let me go this time she wrapped her arms too tight. Pinch on my heart though. I promised myself this won't go long forever. Someday soon, I will fill the gap. Family..that's all that matters to me now. Tell your love ones how much you love and care for them. Time too short.

I told mum, I wanna enjoy more of our remaining days on earth. We all grow old but I want to collect those memories I can add on another shelf of happiness. I do cherish every moments of my old life. Duh, sounds pathetic. Haha! I am still young though but I can not deny I am old in some ways.

Anticipating more adventure on or before my birthday.
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