Plan Trip!!!


Ok guys, I have so much in my calendar about my anticipated trips.

Finally, I've got my confirmed itinerary ticket going to Cebu City scheduled on June 11-12, 2012. Probably, I will get my ass around late 11PM in Cebu so no problem with the hostel I knew the place as I am half Cebuano lol. The last time I was in the city about during my teenage years..15 years ago.Damn!

I've got no place where to enjoy my stay yet. But I got Talima on my mind. Maybe I will try to lost myself in Mactan. Really so excited with the idea. Teeheehee.


I have read some important details on my favorite blogger -- ED!

I like this man. My idol in traveling. Enjoy his blog site.BTW, here's the Talima website for more info.


I can't wait for this breath taking adventure in Subic, Zambales.

It is the Tree Top Adventure! I am still checking the details because I am still can't get over with the Palawan idea of going back this July. So I will wait on the resources and of course, budget! I got two friends already to go with me in Subic probably July 26. Ohhh, I can't wait anymore.

Check the website: Tree Top


NO specific agenda but to see my daddy. I've never seen him for a long time. This time I am planning to go to Butuan City maybe on August 18-21, 2012 of course gonna take an ass leave from the office. Let me check it out. I am praying that there will be an airline promo. Gonna hook myself checking this airlines website 24/7.

Ok, now time for a power nap. Still in the office calculating my time left...1...2...3...
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