My Greatest Down Fall.

Today, I was lost in space. In other word, I am not in myself - insanity is overwhelming.

I look inside myself and need to be strong. Sounds silly though so I need to change topic. Now let's face happiness.

I've asked Carlyn, my room mate to go somewhere with me. She asked: "where we are going?" I said: "food trip". I just wanna eat every time I felt so desperate and not feeling well. Or perhaps shopping? Lol.

Cam whores -- with my new recruit. Lol.

Carlyn and myself finally looked so stupid. Hihi.

Eating your stress out of hell is better than thinking more of the problem. Right or what?

The brown eyes with the brown girl. Haha!

The counter guy was acting so weird he asked for my name then I was like: "the fuck let us move and eat fast, hope he not ask for my phone number, Carlyn!!" But damn Carlyn was teasing me. I'd told her that I will give her number if the guy insist. Later, the guy talked in english: "Miss, can I have your receipt because I can't see the food that you have ordered." I was speechless...space in the air. Lame!!

Cheap or not?

P150 for 2 pieces chicken. 

Actually I've bought 2 frosty coffee cream (right side) then cancel the medium size frosty thing (left side) but the fucking cashier still go with the damn thing. Ok, I never set an argument and perhaps go with it.

 side salad 

Carlyn's chicken share

Let's chow.

How about an eye for an eye pic?

After we ate for about 2 hours, we went to buy a new watch. Of course Timex.
Choosing the nice one. Trying to comfort myself, damn I need a new thing for the lost of someone. Lol.

Yay! Only P2,200.

Customer's info

With the satisfied face.

Yipee! I need to buy another watchvery soon! Pink?

Going to bar hopping near Escolta, Binondo, Manila.

Some live band.

After we done some shopping and window shop included, we finally headed to the nearest bar and it's only 10pm. Just brought two bottles of beer and watching some male band.

duck face.

The drunken smile.

Then we go home with a laughter. Days passes like magic, it easily comes and easily goes. I knew I am facing this dilemma and kinda upsetting but I am alright. This will also pass soon. Need some mountain hikes, snorkeling or island hops it will only gone like a thin air. I only want to anticipate good and simple life, with my kids, mum, sibs and ahem...still mysterious. soon, I will prevail.

Happy smile everyone!

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