Alahbiga Beach Resort

Another sun tripping and of course happiness programming. I've done trekking a lot, snorkeling but this time kayaking. I am still planning to go diving if the resources will come up. It'll take a lot of time and money because it needs to enroll in a diving school. Duh, next time.

April 28, scheduled the kayaking to Alahbiga Beach Resort located in San Juan, Batangas.

 The highlighted photo on this blog post.

I don't wanna sounds biased. If I really like the place, I would praise it honestly. But this time I can't recommend the place to my friends. Someone had booked this place because all the resorts around or near Manila is fully booked and this one is available. Damn, now I knew the reason why it's available.

The road going to the said resort was like fucking end of the world.You will be worried because aside from small and trekky road, it's on the valley side that is prone to accident wtf!

I don't wanna fucking complain in fair to that trip I have enjoyed it but not fancy to come back.




#4 with Anna


Tagaytay Picnic Grove

If you wanna see Taal Volcano from the view deck you must visit Tagaytay. It is nice place to go horseback  ride, picnic with friends, or a simple relaxation from the busy and hustle life of Manila.

Busy on phone 

A valley side.

Apparently, I forgot to take a photo of the Taal Volcano, the highlights of Taal.

My breakfast -- pancit bihon with a piece of chicken.

The beggar me. 

 Wild flowers

Horse back-riding.
The horse was so nice I want him to run but he was so calm lol.

Going to Batangas!!
Sleeping beauties

The road going to resort was fucking crazy! I've told you guys.

It still not approaching, the resort was located on top of the mountain.wtf!

Finally, after a decade.  

Passengers hurrying.

Going to settle on my room, fucking hot and tired.

Can you still spot where am I?  

Cam-whoring is given.

Stolen shot I wanna fuck Anna! I look like a stupid girl anyway thanks, Anna dear.

This is what am taking photo.

Very nice.


 Sexy ass.

On my comfort.

 Emo style.

Photo bonding 


With Libay

With Ifi..

Cam whoring before we going to sleep. It's late 11PM.

Playing with Anna.

Define my legs.



Alien vs Predator.  

Aaarrgghh!! Craziness.

April 29 - Sunday, Kayaking Day.

5:30AM was a foggy day to start.

The floating cottage



Of course, need to fasten my tummy with right breakfast to charge enough energy in kayaking.

Coffee + Sopas (Chicken Soup) and hard boiled egg on top.


I've hired Anna as my photographer. LOL.

Upon Registration in Kayak.
All is a cam whore I guess. 

Showing you guys the receipt. Lol.

On the go.

Helping Ifi setting her gear while the resort attendant was assisting me.

Ifi was like: "Ei, help me errr!!!" She's complaining the attendant wasn't helping her. Haha!

The undying assistance. Hihi.

Ready to sail.

I am so excited.

Arrggg....so heavy damn!

I think the resort assistant was having a hard time pushing us.

Here we go.

At first we both chasing each other,moving in different strokes.

Getting us far.

Going to bunch of men and hit them one by one. Haha! 

 Smooth sailing baby.

Ifi was so damn happy with the feeling of being active.

But I was the happiest one because I used to be sun selfish. I need a tan! Yes, I do!

Getting far and deeper.

My friend Ifi was complaining to go back to shore she was freaking imagining the shark might come. I was trying to convince her to stay one hour more to get my ass tanner. She was like: "Oh, because you were white and I am brown already what will happen to my skin, you're unfair Jing!" Haha.

Tired but happy.

Going slow down to the shore.

The sea rocks will surely give you some bruises so enough to be careful.

 Banana boat ride.

Going around the sun.
Crispy surrounding. Lol.

Covering with our life vest.

My sexy girlfriends, Ifi and Shiela.

Happy Feet (s)

I love the tanned.

Going gone.

Some wild flower.

So I went back to have my lunch.
 Very much hungry.

Collected some stone.

Night of life.

 Me while singing in a karaoke with group of friends.

Friends dancing cha-cha while I am on their back singing wtf! Drunken peeps.

So I have collected not only a pile of photos but memories as well.

Time to go home.

 My mess.

My travel mates.

Another good friend -- Madz.

Thank you guys, the T_T (tiny travaller) will come back soon. Lol.

Our stressed van. teeheehee...

Friends so tired including me. 

So I'd brought home some small friends. Mr crab.

Let yourselves have a HAPPY life, enjoy it because it is only once. God bless.

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