I Wonder Why!!

Yay! Today was so busy.

Well, it was like another "normal" day, it's called normal when the Finance head pissing me. As usual, checking and computing vouchers of expenses which came so bored. And of course, clicking to some porn sites. Kidding. But I've heard that one of the close buddy of our big boss has nothing to do inside his office but watching porn. During office hour???! Yup! Sometimes he walk around the office premises holding a conversation  on his phone while playing some small stick on his mouth. Gross!

Another thing, I've noticed that some of our female Chinese office mates got hair on their armpits! Not only a few but oh my holy shit it's more thicker and blackish!! I wanna ask them politely, "Care for shaving service lady?" Then she will shot me her deadly refusal look.


I have asked some friend why these Chinese female (I wanna clarify, not all of them but most) let their underarm hair grown like a  wild desert grass. They said less armpit hair, the more hornier. Whaaattt??!! Where did they get this superstitious belief? So it shows, these Chinese girls with more armpit hair was like ---- conservative??!Foolishness.

Way back 2011 before I started working here in Unitop I was happy working with some F4 looking Chinese guys in our office. Heart cheering obviously you have cute environment right? But later part, I have noticed they lack of personal hygiene! They are bad breath you die with suffocation if you talk longer with them. They got dangerous bomb on their underarm (you know what I mean) you suffered heavy headache! And more, they sneeze like it's the end of the world already. The germs exploding everywhere in the thin air you inhale-exhale it freely!!!


But hold back, this one was the most sickening part of the "I Wonder Why" post. Lol. Grace is a Chinese gal office mate. When she wasn't around or absent  the cubicle was sparkling clean, I mean in smell. BUT if she is present you should have anticipate the still simmering "pancake" loaded with despicable smell and unknown greenish objects floating together with the bunch of pancake thing in the bloody toilet bowl!!! Together we say, "Ewwww!!"


Disgusted enough, I wanna get her face back to the wash room (but now uncomfort room) and scream, "You must know how to clean your mess fucker!" Then she will innocently says, "Watcha talkin' bout?" And I will post her oily face to the door where the sign "Clean As You Go" stamp on her fucking forehead, "

Can she read this loud and clear? Can you oh Grace, still have an active intestinal organs we hardly puke every time you left the comfort room like this?! If only the traumatized  shit bowl would come alive and eat you whole! How I wish. Ok Grace, gracias. Bleah.

If you are the next user you will feel the same. And note, this is almost everyday of our office life damn! I wonder how the cleaners clean up the mess? 

True. Can it be, "Please shit properly and flush yourself if you refuse!"

What does the covered Chinese word means? Tell me.

Note:I don't mean here to insult Chinese peeps. I am talking about my Chinese colleague/s. And not ALL of them are behaving like this but most. 


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