Savory Talk (The Original)

I am an active September blogger and I don't know why. Haha! Well, that's a good sign I guess. September 16 was Karen's bdae once again. Like 2011 it was held in Savory Restaurant but this time NOT in The Classic Savory Chicken, Ermita but in The Original Savory in Binondo. What's the difference? Location la. But it taste the same, good and nice.

Happy 39th Birthday, KAREN!

The food was very awesome.



Of course, it's free.

cutie icons credit!


The bdae went from a simple to thriller then lasted so boring. Kidding.Well, it was all so simple then.....

I wished it will turn partly kiddie party. Sorry for the hideous rhyme.

But as I've said hideous I've edited (something) which I guess similar to frightful photos.

Ermm...my bloody plate. I have eaten light hepa-B horse and some corpse kitten. Lol.

The Pre-Halloween set-up for Karen's birthday.


We ordered light beers, but my friend Ifi refused and wanted a bloody coffee.

On a lighter side of note here's some photos to show. Pardon me if I am running out of words to say.

Light beer for us.

Cheers! Kissing coffee and light beer.

 Yawning during the celebration?

Ooppss, we suddenly went out to the nearest 7-11 store to catch some fly err... to be awake.

But we do nothing at all  so we decided to cam-whore before we go back to Savory.

 Winter moments.

If you want guys to request a sweet smile from us, we'll send you.Email me @ jing_wfc@yahoo.com


Going back to reality, the 7-11 guard on duty looked lightly annoyed by our "we won't buy, we will just look around" act.

Kim was looking for something and nothing. Haha!

Looking for an ice cream on a rainy day? Bah!

The guard that gave us the "killer look".

Come and eat here on 7-11 Escolta, Manila. Affordable all the way!

Last pose. Bye 7-11!!

Then we went back to Savory and found out that Karen and her "close" friend Bobby having intimate conversation. Nope. Kidding. They don't actually. It was just a "normal" talk. Hehe.

One seat apart.

Get you order now guys. Shall we go?

Blogging soon. I can't help but sleep.

Thanks, anyway Karen. Wish for more savory the next time around.

Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Before I leave here's a top funny pix I've got from Muzy. com
 lesson: don't get to harsh, baby.
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