Omigod! Omigod! Recently, the package from Malaysia came which consist of Ipanema flip flop, slippers and more. It was my office mate's sister who work there and sent the package.

Ok, I am no Ipanema avid fan before because I am more into Sketcher product. But.... after I got my own Ipanema I thought I would be starting to collect. Excitedness.

I got this for only P1,550.

I think it's more expensive in Zalora but not quite sure. Well smile.  

P1, 250 only. But P1,295 in Zalora. Lol.

P855. Sorry, got no clear picture.

Well, that's all for sharing. I am going home to Cavite today and be with my kids and my Bebe. I hope it won't distract us much because we had a misunderstanding for two days now.

The short story goes like this.

Me: (on phone call): "Hello bhe, how are you.?"

Bebe: " Yeah, I am good."

In between the conversation I've pleasantly noticed that he wasn't in the mood to stay longer talking to me. And when we about to end up, I have asked like "What time should I return call?" Then he was so unexcited telling me like, "Don't call back anymore"



What was that mean?

Err, ok I just might thought that men also have menstrual period. Lol. But it's not nice though. So I better not to urge talking to him instead I was in silence for a day until yesterday. Then the night before I sleep yesterday, he msm me asking if I am alright. Lol. Menstrual period passed.

Ok guys. Be safe home.

Every journey begins with a single step. (doctor david's blog image)

Happy Ipanema-ing!!!

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