China Town Walk

Once upon a time in China Town err... in Binondo two of close friends came for a walk and to find the missing cute kids of Jenny the pig.

Jennydpig went over gaga to find her piglets because it was her first time in ChinaTown for a walk besides the place was too crowded and big. And she is too dumb for the free opportunity of asking someone. Or maybe she don't wanna talk to strangers. Perhaps.. Lol.

Yup, this is Chinatown Walk and Jennydpig came for a walk in ChinaTown Walk. Errr....confusing.


Or maybe her piglets was hiding from the old and creepy window?

After 2 years of sitting and still undecided where to go finally she thought it could be around stores the piglets where hiding. So she ask for a help line from a friend.

Cherry to the rescue! Of course with an annoying pose like this.


After a long search and leg breaking walk to find the piglets Jennydpig almost gave up and hungry!!


To her surprise!!!


The heart breaking scene of reunion! The piglets was found in a cold door of small store drowning with their small tears. And hungry too!!

Jennydpig was never so happy with her life again! She was crawling to reach her piglets. What a drama! 

But Cherrydrescuer can't accept/believe that it was Jennydpig's piglets! Maybe because the kids were Chinese looking while Jennydpig have 100 watts looking eyes. Yet, Cherrydrescuer was so inconsiderate-kind of a friend to ruin the drama reunion of a mother and her babies. Wait a minute, are the babies twins or what? Lol. The story was so confusing.

 The blurry comic bubble said "Oh, but they doesn't look like U!"

Nothing to comment....... I am out of words. Lol.

"Of course, we do! Some cuteness eh?!"

Agree or what dear readers?!!


Any reaction?!


Ok, some fart sounds in the background.

Moving on, guys Jennydpig doesn't need your opinion by the way. To cut the mad story short, the mother and the kids went back home and they lived happily ever after. Silly...haha!

Sorry for the boring story. I have nothing to share except silly photos. But guys, I've found some refreshing and healthy drinks to share! This is so good and nice. Most of all so cheap and friendly-pocket.


The Philippine pride - FRUITAS!


Yup, you will be undecided for this yummier and fruitier shakes and  smoothies.

Log on to their FB page for inquiries and franchising information HERE 

Yums! I ordered one piece of orange and it made 2 medium cup of Fruitas! Wow!

Blurry happiness.

Orangey things scattered everywhere!

I can't get enough but eat. 

Ok, dearest friends and readers from all over the global thanks for reading.

More happiness! God bless you all!

More shakes to enjoy!
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