Happy 5th Bdae Sydney!

Another year passed, amazingly my once 'lil cute girl Sydney was now a lady. Lol!

Well, I can see how she turned so awesome all throughout her life. Sydney remains the quite, shy and act so much like a 'lil lady of her age. She never been an annoying kid. She listens carefully and talk less. She is very observant and opinionated. She like to reason out when she know she is right. But don't pissed her off or she burst with tears. Haha! That's her, an actress of her own field.

I always told Sydney not to be very nice. Sometimes her classmate bullied her and kept her silence thus ignored them. I advise her not too much of goodness because certain kids will abuse it and keep on harassing her. She nod to agree but I doubt if she fight back. Yes, seriously as a mom it was hurting to know if your kid especially your nice daughter to be bullied by their classmates or friends. I am not always on their side to protect so I am advising  not to let anyone abuse them.It's my prerogative. Let us be fair but tell me anyone what's the best thing to advise? When I was on my daughter's age no one can bully me. I am so friendly since birth (lol) but I trade for a good fight in able to protect myself.

Well, in short it was Sydney's 5th Bdae last September 2!!!

Happy Birthday, Sydney Chinenye!!

How come you are so adorable, Sydney my baby?

My bebe girl in her 5 years of awesomeness.

Let me push the rewind button.

 I see, I see, I see, Sydney! Lol. Sounds like a primary school song.

1 Y.O

2 Y.O

3 Y.O

4 Y.O


Sydney with sleepy Alek.

The simple party was so calm and peaceful. We chit chat, we laugh.
Until the intruder errr.. gate crasher come!!!

The Intruder is here!
JB: "Ei, why you people didn't invite me anyway?"
Sydney: "We thought you're sleepin'?"

Yup, actually it was her 5 months. Happy 5 months baby. haha!


Party End.

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