Newborn Screening

Note: This post was 5 months late due to laziness.

Hello readers from all over the world. Sorry for this late entry I supposed to blog this one when JB was only 3 days old. Well, I own no camera so I need to borrow from mom's digicam and it's hard you know. I got the photos copied only last night. No further explanation and this post I supposed needed to share because it's for everyone's benefit for their baby.

Republic Act 9288
Newborn screening (NBS) is a public health program aimed at the early identification of infants who are affected by certain genetic/metabolic/infectious conditions. Early identification and timely intervention can lead to significant reduction of morbidity, mortality, and associated disabilities in affected infants. NBS in the Philippines started in June 1996 and was integrated into the public health delivery system with the enactment of the Newborn Screening Act of 2004 (Republic Act 9288). From 1996 to December 2010, the program has saved 45 283 patients.   Five conditions are currently screened: Congenital Hypothyroidism, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia, and Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency.

For more information click this link HERE.

My bloated face with Sydney and JB.

Sydney was more excited than me to look upon baby.

And until now, Sydney was there to pamper JB and when it comes to feeding she was the one handling the bottle and caressing the few hair strand. Lol. What a sweet big sister.

 JB when she's 5 days old.

We took the newborn screening in Our Lady of Pillar Medical Center.

 credit: yahoo image
Contact or visit Our Lady of the PILLAR Medical Center
Owned and Operated by: UNITED IMUS DOCTORS INC.
Tamsui Avenue, Bayan Luma II, Imus City, Cavite
 Tel# (046) 472-3773/ (046) 472-2003/ (046) 472-2046/ (046) 472-2062

 During that day, funny thing happened after JB took the NB screening because of such pain in her toe she poop hard.

Instead to cry, she poop. Lol.

(Blurry pic) This is where they took NB screening.

Left cute foot with the traces of pain.

"Don't worry mommy, pain is nothing". Lol.

 Ah, uh? Are you really sure my baby?

"Yeah of course, it's like chicken in my ass".

The 'lil princess fell asleep.

How amazing to see that the tiny baby turns so chubby now.


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