The Lazy Mode

Another usual boring office day here in Unitop. No progress. Salary remains stagnant like two years ago. I do want to go out of hell here. But I should done it in a wisely manner. Look for a good and permanent job perhaps. Wtf! It was my old plan that until now kept on voiding. What the heck happened to me? I don't see myself progressing. I am swayed by my charismatic ignorance. Sounds Dilbert nice. Hehe.

Enough of self-pity. So to move on and cheer myself, I read Xiaxue's blog (my everyday routine though). Most of time, I was reading her witty blog instead of working. Lol. I've read her old time post flash back 2003 and discovered the Dilbert Comic Strip which she shared and I ended up liking it too much I got the widget of dilbert and put it on my site. Go check on right side bar. Have yours too. A must read to wake you up.

This is what I am talking about. Humor sense.  

I hope the gif image won't disappear when time come coz some of the gif image I have posted was gone. Could anyone with well-informed idea comment? Dilbert sounds again. Lol.

So far I am leveling up in my FB Cafeland game. 


But yet, the cafeland loading for zillion years wtf! Wifi so slow. Haizzz.

Till here.

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